Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Party in Honor of the Letter B

For Soph's birthday, we celebrated all things beginning with the letter B: balls, beads, balloons, beanbags, bagels and Bloody Marys. Friends gave her a butterfly ball, barrettes, books galore, two bikes (including a Barbie bike), and best of all, a blue boa that sheds its feathers all over the house. We danced to the Beach Boys, the Beatles and Bruce. It was, in short, a BLAST!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Babe in the Windy City

In her final days of being able to ride a plane for free, Soph decided to take a trip to Chicago to see her cousins and Donno. She let us come along.

Donno insisted on seeking out the remnants of her Czech heritage in Chicago by scoping out all the Czech restaurants within a thirty mile radius. Here she is with James and Anna Catherine at Klaus, the oldest of the bunch. The decor was Czech kitsch, the food was mediocre, Lulu cried through the whole meal, but Soph was too busy eating her way through a platter full of sausage and onions to notice.

Outside the Chicago Insitute for Art
On a playground in Wheaton with her some time best friend and other times arch nemesis: Lulu McGraw.

The Pagans and the Christians

Soph was not the most aggressive of Easter egg hunters. In fact, she never made it past the first egg. She just plopped down and started eating candy, until her Daddy coaxed her back to the hunt. I don't think she'll be tagging deer anytime soon.

Big Girl Bed

One of the challenges of transitioning from a crib to a big girl bed is, of course, the ease with which a girl can get out of a big girl bed. Sophie has been doing a decent job of staying in bed and going to sleep, but every now and then we sneak into her room and find her asleep in the strangest places.