Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost Two

Let's just skip over Christmas and how I've been away for so long, those weeks I spent in Florida, while Sophie got everyone sick back in Georgia, how her Daddy missed us and how long the plane ride was home. Forget New Years Eve in North Carolina and Valentine's Day in Hays, when I festooned our built-in bookshelves with paper hearts; those dark February Days when we didn't leave the house all day long, or worse escaped to McDonald's because there's nowhere else to go in Kansas. Pretend I've been chronicling our little lives all along, pretend you know exactly how we spent the ides of March, what we wore, ate, drank and how we filled the hours. Shall we then?

Sophie turns two next month. This is a list of things she would like for her birthday:
Big Bird
But mainly, Elmo.

Close your eyes and make a wish, baby girl!